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" Artist Statement "


I believe that art must submit us to any kind of emotional charge. Thus, it reminds us of our human nature. Not only to distinguish ourselves from the world, but also to embrace, love and protect this world.

Under this light, photography as a medium, does not seem to be good enough to serve that purpose.

This means that an artistic photographer has to make greater efforts to fulfill that objective.

He needs thinking and absolute concentration both when taking photos and when editing them.

He needs, if he truly wants to retrieve memories that will give rise to associations of ideas, to show what others do not see. Not because they are not capable of doing so, but because this is simply not their job.

And in this case the photographic medium is in complete conflict with itself, which is none other than the faithful recording of reality.

And in my opinion this is the greatest of challenges. The feeling being the objective.

The computer’s help is invaluable.

And the cinematic sensation that is perhaps present in some of my works, besides my spontaneous deep need for film making, (it will be made soon), I want to believe that it helps fulfill that objective.


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