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Desinged by 

Pagratis Pagratidis

Fine Art Photographer Pagratis Pagratidis was born in Kavala, Greece in 1965.

Having led a long career as both a musician and a sound engineer, he began to immerse himself in photography since 2000 and studied under Platon Rivelis.

Since then, photography will become his main profession and field of artistic expression and experimentation.

Since 2009, he has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and has been distinguished in various international competitions.

The images he creates reflect his personal view of the world and his inner relationship with his surroundings.

His topics are plethoric and diversified focusing on a great variety of architectural and industrial landscapes, along with a pure conceptual dimension, as well as a pioneering visual aspect, targeting at the viewer’s psyche through dreamy colorful or minimal black and white scenes.

His work can be found in Greek and international private collections.

He currently lives and works in Athens.

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